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Filed Bankruptcy in the Past:Beware of Scam Artists
3 Common Myths About Adoption
Do I Have to Pay Child Support When I Consent to Adoption of My Child?


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Filed Bankruptcy in the Past:Beware of Scam Artists

The National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys recently alerted its members to a scam being perpetrated on people who are currently in bankruptcy or filed bankruptcy in the past.  The scam tells the person that a debt was not included in the bankruptcy and they must wire money to the scam artist.

Bankruptcy attorneys are being to contact their current and former clients to notify them of the scam.  You can read the full article by going to the following link,

3 Common Myths About Adoption

November is National Adoption Month.  As an adoption attorney, I have had the honor of handling over 200 adoptions in my career with the majority of the adoptions being infant adoptions.  I am asked a number of questions from people when they learn that I work in this area of law.  Some of the questions reflect society's conflicting views about adoption.
1.         I can't believe someone would give away their child through adoption.


With the 2016 Presidential campaign season under way, you cannot help but know who Donald Trump is.  The majority of the news centers around his political statements and his wealth.  I decided to look at his divorces and analyze what we can learn from them.

Donald Trump inherited a small portion of his wealth from his father, but the majority of his wealth he earned through his businesses. Donald Trump is currently married to wife number three.  Other than marrying Donald Trump, his wives have another thing in common: they all signed prenuptial agreements.


The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on June 26, 2015, that same sex couples have the right to marry opens the door for same sex couples to adopt in North Carolina. Prior to the decision, same sex couples could not adopt a child in North Carolina. North Carolina adoption law only allowed single persons to adopt and married heterosexual couples to adopt. For years, many North Carolina County Departments of Social Services allowed gay couples to serve as foster parents and even one of the members of the couple to adopt.

Do I Have to Pay Child Support When I Consent to Adoption of My Child?

Since it is National Adoption Month, I thought I would give you a little information about issues that frequently come up in adoption.
Do you have to pay child support after you sign paperwork consenting for your child to be adopted?  Well, the answer is... it depends.  This question comes up a lot in step-parent or relative adoptions.
North Carolina law says that the obligation to pay child support continues until the final adoption decree is signed.  Most adoptions can be finalized in 90 days, but some times they take longer.

Child Abuse or Adoption: Which is the Better Choice?

With all of the horrific stories of child abuse that have been plastered across the news over the last few years, I can't help but ask which would have been the better alternative.  I have practiced adoption law for the past 22 years and have the opportunity to hear the reasons that the birth mothers give for placing their babies for adoption.  Here are a few reasons that they give or I have observed:
1.The most common is that they already have several children and can not afford another child.

Should You Represent Yourself In Court?

I am often asked by potential clients "Do I really need a lawyer?" Or "is there somewhere I can get forms for my situation?"   My response is usually the choice is totally yours, but there are some pitfalls that you should be aware of when representing yourself or proceeding pro se.  There is an old quote that goes something like "the man who represents himself has a fool for a client." 
1.  Most lawyers will not represent themselves.

Abortion vs. Adoption: The Kermit Gosnell Trial

Do you know who Dr.Kermit Gosnell is?  He is a  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania physician, known throughout the Philadelphia and neighboring states for performing abortions at his medical practice the “Women’s Medical Society.”  Dr. Gosnell is currently on trial for capital murder for among other things allegedly killing babies who were born alive after botched abortions. Gosnell, well known throughout the region for performing late term abortions, was the only licensed physician in the practice.

What Are Transracial Adoptions?

A transracial adoption is where a person or couple of one race adopts a child of another.  This type of adoption can involve just about any race or nationality: a caucasian couple adopting an african american child or maybe an american couple adopting a chinese or african child.  I have handled many transracial adoptions during my career and I always wonder how the families adjust.  I believe that a family that embarks on a transracial adoption is special in that society is not always kind or understanding.


As many people begin the adoption process, the fees for the adoption process can really begin to add up.  If you are working with an agency, there are agency fees that can range from a few thousand to more than $25,000.  You may also be providing the birth mother with assistance with her living expenses and medical expenses.  Finally, you may have to hire an attorney.  So, I frequently get asked what are my fees for an adoption. 
Attorney fees in an adoption can vary from case to case.