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4 Tips for Handling Arguments with an Angry Spouse

When you’re arguing with your spouse, things can become heated. This is especially true when you’re in the process of getting a divorce. Once you’ve accepted that your relationship will not work out, and saving the marriage is no longer an option, it becomes easier for resentments to grow. Even small arguments can seem to blow up out of proportion because of all the pent up emotions.  1. Don’t match their Read More

Alienation of Affection Explained

Have you been cheated on? If you are a married or formerly married person in North Carolina, you have a type of lawsuit at your disposal that people in most other states do not have: Alienation of Affection. These lawsuits are sometimes referred to as “homewrecker” or “heartbalm” lawsuits. So, what exactly is alienation of affection? Alienation of affection is when a third party takes actions that deprive a Read More

A Brief Guide to Changing Your Name After a Divorce

After a divorce, many women want to be rid of their ex-husband’s last name. Our names are closely associated with our identities. Going back to your maiden name can feel transformative and empowering. Many women see it as a symbol of beginning the next chapter of their lives. Divorce is full of emotional difficulties and stresses and, for many, a name change symbolizes moving past that and into the future. There Read More

Understanding Your Custody Options in North Carolina

Each family is different, and therefore, there are many types of child custody which can be used to describe the legal rights of caregivers depending on their particular situation. In some circumstances, more than one type of care can be put in place if it serves the best interests of the child and family. In this blog, we provide an overview of the four different types of custody recognized in North Carolina so you Read More

5 Reasons to Establish Paternity

Establishing paternity can have benefits for both parents and child, and for unmarried parents, there are two ways to go about this. The first is to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity form; the second is via the courts.  Why is it so important to establish paternity? Here are five benefits in favor of doing so. 1. Establishing identity It is important that a child understands where they came from Read More

A Brief Guide to Third Party Custody

Third-party custody is where a person or persons other than the child’s biological parents are given parental rights and take over parental responsibilities. Usually, child custody and visitation rights are decided in court and, where possible, the biological parents will be granted custody rights. If the biological parents are unfit or unable to care for the child, a third party may be granted custody rights Read More

Understanding Common Law Marriage in North Carolina

There are many misconceptions about what it means to be “common law married” in North Carolina. Some couples believe that if they are together for a particular length of time, this automatically makes them common law married, and in being so, they have certain legal rights as a couple. But is this true? And what does common law marriage really mean? What is Common Law marriage? If a couple lives together and Read More

Prenuptial Agreements Aren’t as Bad as You Think

If you are in the process of planning your wedding and your partner requests a prenuptial agreement prior to the wedding date, you may be initially insulted at the lack of romance behind the formality and say, “Let’s call the whole thing off.” But there are many reasons why a couple should consider a prenup, and protecting one’s wealth is not the only reason. The Myths and Misconceptions Surrounding Read More

Understanding “No-Fault” Divorce

In 1999, Park Overall starred in the movie The Price of a Broken Heart, which was based on the true story of North Carolina couple Dot and Joseph Hutelmyer, who were happily married, at least until Joseph got romantically involved with his secretary. Dot sued her husband’s lover for alienation of affection and after the dust settled, was awarded a $1 million verdict. North Carolina is one of six states that still Read More

5 Benefits of a Marital Separation Agreement

Divorce can be complicated and painful, but a marital separation agreement can help make the dissolution of the marriage less bitter and acrimonious because it can ultimately save you both money. A marital separation agreement is an arrangement between a husband and wife that settles the most pressing and divisive issues that come up when a couple decides to divorce. Most often, the issues include child custody Read More