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Both of my parents and several of my family friends have went to Regina and we all have received wonderful outcomes. I battled a divorce and custody battle a few years back and decided to represent myself; I still received mostly what I wanted with our custody situation but in reality I needed a lawyer to benefit our son to the fullest. Things started to change within a year and I was having our son a lot more than our prior court ordered arrangements. Running to Regina was the best thing I have done to make sure my son has a stable home environment! I truly appreciate everything she has done and she was very reasonable in price. Every penny spent was worth it to have the 100% security of no other changes to ever be made in the future and no risks for changes of paperwork to bite either parent in the rear at a later date. She has made me feel so comforted, easy to talk to (via phone, email, in person), she is very patient, and I am assured and happy with my outcome. I would recommend her to everyone (which I have) and I would return to her if needed at any point in time.


Written by Law Offices of Attorney Regina M. Taylor

Law Offices of Attorney Regina M. Taylor

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