A New Beginning: 4 Signs That It May Be Time to Get a Divorce

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There are a lot of major decisions we face in our lives, and getting married is toward the top of the list. With that major event may come the decision to get divorced. Deciding to get divorced is a big deal, and it should be taken seriously. If, after a lot of consideration, you feel that leaving your spouse will ultimately create a positive impact for you and your life going forward, there's no reason to delay the inevitable. Sometimes it's not so clear though, so let's take a look at a few circumstances that might indicate it's time for a divorce.

Your arguments are excessively hurtful

Every married couple argues, even if they say they don't. It's human nature to experience a certain level of conflict when attempting to co-mingle everything from money to parenting styles. Yet if you and your spouse argue constantly, or if the arguments lead to any sort of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, it might be in your best interest to leave. Both of you deserve to be in a relationship where there is mutual respect.

Infidelity is a chronic issue

People have different feelings about the topic of infidelity, stating that once is enough to end the relationship. Others are more open to forgiveness and giving it another try. Only you know what's best for your relationship, but if you or your spouse is repeatedly cheating on the other, it's a sign that you should move on. Infidelity can sometimes be a clue that you aren't in love with your spouse any longer, and a divorce could give you the chance to meet someone who is a better match for you.

Marriage counseling isn't working

If both of you have tried to make the marriage work by going to counseling but aren't seeing any results, it might be time to split. More often than not, couples leave counseling feeling like one person is making an effort to change and the other person isn't. Even if both of you are making efforts toward a better relationship but it still isn't happening, you might not be as compatible as you once thought. Instead of trying to force it, why not give yourself the opportunity to start over.

Your priorities are vastly different

When couples first get together, they might be on the same page about many important issues. Ideas about career, money, and kids might all be perfectly in line, but as time goes on and people change, sometimes those priorities shift too. If you have irreconcilable differences with your spouse, it might be time to get divorced. If you want to focus on your career and all your partner wants to do is raise kids in the country, you are probably better off finding other people that share your goals.

Are you feeling conflicted about staying in your marriage, but it's just not working for you any more? If so, contact us today to talk about your options to pursue a new path.

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