Divorce & Separation

We Will Fight for Your Interests in Any Divorce or Separation

Divorce & Separation

No one gets married intending to divorce or even thinking that a divorce could ever occur. The divorce may not be your idea, but you know that you have to do something.

The first thing you need to do is to realize that you need help. During the divorce, your money and your assets are at stake.

Your spouse may have been planning for months what property they are going to take and may have already cleaned out your accounts or moved furniture out of the house. There are divorce laws which will help you recover your share. You don't have to be a victim in your divorce!

Your spouse may be trying to provoke you to violence to have you removed from your home. Don't be baited into something you will later regret.

Call today to protect your rights!

North Carolina law provides for how the property you worked for during your marriage should be divided.

You deserve an experienced divorce attorney to help you navigate the process because divorce is not something you go through everyday. Your spouse will be working to get the best possible outcome during the divorce. Shouldn't you do the same?

Uncontested Divorces

Need an uncontested divorce? We believe that a simple divorce should not be expensive. Our fees are competitive. As long as your husband or wife can be served within a reasonable time, your divorce can be finalized in 6-8 weeks.

-Must have lived separate and apart from your spouse for at least one year.

-No court appearance required in most cases.

We can assist you with your divorce & we serve Gaston, Cleveland, Lincoln, Cabarrus, Catawba counties and all of Piedmont and Western North Carolina.