Adopt A Baby

Helping Build Families One Adoption at a Time


An adoption is the legal process that creates a parent child relationship between individuals that are not related. This can be an independent adoption, a stepparent adoption, or international adoption. When the adoption is final, the child as if he is the natural child of the parents and has the right inherit from his parents.  


Many couples use adoption agencies to find their child. Adoption agencies are regulated by the state in which they are located and charge a fee to the adoptive couple, which can range from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000.

We can help you locate a child and give you suggestions on ways to locate a child for adoption.

Our office can sit down with you to discuss other ways that we can assist you in adopting a baby to love.


A domestic adoption is simply an adoption of a child born in the United States.

You need an attorney skilled in adoption law to help you navigate this process.

In North Carolina, adoptive parents can help with certain birth related expenses for the birth mothers. For example, lawful payments include payment of living expenses, medical expenses and travel expenses for the birth mother related to the adoption such as transportation to and from medical appointments. I can help you determine what is a reasonable amount of expenses to pay in your adoption and help you create a reasonable adoption budget.

I will be available to you to answer any questions that you may have prior to, after the birth of the child, or placement of the child.

In most cases, I or a member of my staff will personally come to the hospital to gather the consents from the mother and deal with hospital staff whether the birth occurs during the week or on the weekend.

Even if you are working with an adoption agency, have located the birth mother on your own, or this is a relative adoption, I can help you navigate the process to protect your interests and ease any concerns that you may have.

Our office works in all North Carolina counties. I have worked with courts throughout the state and am familiar with the adoption requirements and adoption procedures to adopt a baby.


North Carolina law provides that no child can enter the state for the purpose of adoption without the adoptive parents first complying with the interstate compact.

I am experienced in the interstate process and experienced in coordinating with attorneys in other states to help you get home with your new baby as quickly as possible. I can help you locate an attorney in the state where the birth mother is located to assist you with the interstate adoption process. The attorney in the state where the birth parents are located will work to protect the birth parents rights. I am experienced in working with the Interstate Office in North Carolina.

You need an attorney to protect your rights and coordinate with the North Carolina Interstate Office to make sure all requirements for your adoption are met.


If you have adopted a child from another country and wish to secure a North Carolina birth certificate for your child, I can assist you in finalizing your adoption under North Carolina law and obtaining a North Carolina birth certificate.


A step-parent adoption is the adoption of a child by his or her step-mother or step-father. The process begins with the filing of a petition for adoption. If the birth parent's parental rights have not been terminated by a court, the natural parent, if living, must consent to the adoption. A Report to the Court must be completed by a licensed adoption agency. This report essentially provides the court with a recommendation as to whether this adoption should take place. I have worked with many adoption agencies in North Carolina and can refer you to an agency to complete this step for you.


In some instances, a birth parent can not be located, is unknown, or will refuse to consent to the adoption of the child by the adoptive parents. That parent's parental rights will need to be terminated before the adoption can be finalized. We can advise you whether this process is an option and handle every aspect of the termination for you.